Product description

The AIR-board® honeycomb cores are available in different cell sizes, structures and colours. Laminating the cores with micro-perforated facing sheets creates acoustic panels with extraordinary properties and visually impressive effects.
The panels are available with 3 different cores:
AIR-board® acoustic standard: 7 mm cell diameter

AIR-board® acoustic big: 12 mm cell diameter

AIR-board® acoustic chaos: 4, 7 und 12 mm cell diameter
Dim. 2.500 x 1.200 x 19 oder 25 mm
Favourite applications: ceilings, furniture, walls & partitions, lighting concepts, desk dividers,…

Product family


The pursuit of transparency must not contradict room acoustics. Design composites translucent thermoplastic AIR-board® acoustic panels can be efficiently, visually sophisticatedly and simply integrated into internal building designs. The translucent elements not only convince with noticeably improved room acoustics (reduced reverberation time and thus increased speech intelligibility) but also by their low weight, the many design possibilities and the ease of assembly.

The translucent sandwich elements consist of a transparent or coloured honeycomb core with micro-perforated facing sheets giving a high degree sound absorbance and impress with their unique optics and functionality. Whether stand-alone screens, coverage on or as a wall, suspended in the room or integrated in the furniture, as space-defining structure or as a mobile workspace enclosure, the elements are flexible and can be individually adapted to the respective room concept.

Translucency and light scattering effects enhance the unique properties such as fire resistance (UV PC difficult to ignite), light weight and high rigidity. Illuminated or backlit, creating interesting lighting effects through the transparent honeycomb core structure of the panels.