As the architect of the new Nordea HQ, the architecture firm Work Place is responsible. In order to meet the requirements of a high-tech center, architectural elements in various forms were used. These offer the visitor an unforgettable experience and at the same time beam him into a new architectural age.

The translucent AIR-board® acoustic elements not only impressed with a noticeably improved quality in terms of room acoustics (reduced reverberation time), but also with their low weight and easy installation. This panel, unique in the world, offers up to 60% light transmission and, due to the honeycomb structure, blocks simultaneous espionage from the outside. The integrated LED lighting modules including printed partial areas are further refinements. The combination of translucent acoustics, natural and artificial light play, printed surfaces, easy cleaning surface and anti-espionage convinced architects and investors alike and offers the ambience of an ultra-modern spaceship.

Another eye-catcher are the backlit floor areas of the command center, consisting of clear-PEP® UV PC stage panels.

The innovative characteristics of the cell structure not only give this lightweight panel a unique depth effect, but also an extremely high level of rigidity, which is of particular importance for use as floor panels for stages, platforms or the like.

A special highlight can also be seen in the stairwell, the special ""motion control technology"" illuminates the steps when you enter and thus specifies the way to the visitor center. There the diverse application possibilities of the design composite elements are only really visible. Whether as a partition, curved room divider, acoustic lamps or as kitchen furniture, design composite offers the right solution for a wide range of applications. In line with our motto "we start where others end", the office of the future was planned and offers a grandiose overview of the performance of the translucent architecture and acoustic program from design composite.

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