Product description

Letwood 5L. Mill width 8mm (5La 4,7%, 5Lb 5,1%, 5Lc 4,9% perforation percentage).
Ceiling installation: cavity 200mm with polyester fibre insulation, thickness 30mm.
Wall installation: cavity 20mm with polyester fibre insulation thickness 20mm. Tests performed to UNI EN ISO 354:2003 standards.

Product family


Created in collaboration with Samer Chalfoun an international designer, Letwood is an original concept combining innovative interior design and top quality acoustics for décors that are unique both visually and acoustically.

Designed for both walls and ceilings, Letwood provides countless solutions because of its square format (60 x 60 cm), modular system, and interchangeable elements. Milled patterns are available in four different versions for a wide range of decorative styles, from minimalist chic to more casual designs. A stimulating material for architects and designers seeking innovative ideas for unique interiors. The perfect product for high-end design, acoustic quality and comfortable décors: ideal for airport lounges, hotel foyers, public transit areas, bars, clubs and stores.