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Busch-Bluetooth Receiver
Future Linear
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Building control-Multimedia systems >

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The Busch-Bluetooth Receiver is an ideal solution for all who stream their own selection of music from the smartphone and do not need a flush-mounted radio. The new receiver impresses with its high tonal quality and a connection for an external music source, which makes coupling to the television sound in hotels possible. As a permanently installed flush-mounting solution the Busch Bluetooth receiver with the most varied Busch-AudioWorld® loudspeakers offers an outstanding enjoyment of sound. The new Busch-Bluetooth Receiver from the Busch-AudioWorld® range is the next generation of modern home entertainment from Busch-Jaeger. There is always a demand for clear solutions in the surrounding atmosphere. Whatever style is desired, many small devices and cables permanently interfere with the design and cosiness. Better is when the electrical fitter can offer a precise line without any effort.

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Linear, without frills, uncompromisingly reduced: One finds peace and can concentrate when nothing distracts. And discovers absolute clarity in plain realism. future® linear represents this clarity.