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Sense | KNX Switch Control Interface 4B
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Simon has sparked its imagination to create a new, more innovative touch interface concept: the new Sense collection. The power of the senses inspires the first modular collection that manages to combine three concepts: touch interaction, ergonomics and integration with the surroundings.

Thanks to its modularity, Sense allows users to mix and match various features for enhanced comfort and control: controls lighting, air conditioning and blinds in any space. It also offers interaction with users, alerting them of the action being performed: By tapping or sliding the screen, users receive haptic feedback through vibration or LED light.

The collection offers three versions (Regular, Custom and Personal) which allow users to customise the lighting, temperature and blinds in every room:
Regular is the most basic but also the most elegant and discrete solution.
Custom features 18 predefined settings designed specifically for environments such as hotels, offices and homes.
Finally, the Personal version is more flexible and creative, allowing users to customise each room.

Dimensions: 93 x 93 mm

Design Awards:
Pus X Award - winner 2014 - Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality
IF Gold Award – winner 2015 – Building Technology
Delta Awards - Selected 2014