Scena is a lighting control system within anyone’s fingertips — fast, intuitive and customisable. It allows you to create unlimited lighting effects by varying colour, intensity and saturation, while using only as much light as necessary, thanks to scheduling programmes, constant light control and dimming depending on natural lighting.

The Touch Light Manager Advance, a brand new central console, allows users to control the main system functions through a mobile device, and it includes the Biodynamic Channel and Circadian Cycle:

- Biodynamic Channel: the feeling a space gives is closely linked to its lighting tonality. Biodynamic control enables you to modify tone to achieve the desired effect at all times.
- Circadian Cycle: reproduction of the colour temperatures according to the time of day. It automatically calculates the time of sunrise and sunset and adjusts the colour temperature, depending on the geographic location selected.

The Scena app is an application which provides a real-time display on the screen of the lighting effect implemented in the space. The application design allows lighting to be adjusted quickly and accurately by converting the entire touch screen of the mobile device into a virtual tool.