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ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3"
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With the compact and slim ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3" up to 16 functions can be switched with exceptional comfort, such as a central everything-off command or the status of the window, for example. Operation is carried out with tap or swipe gestures, intuitive and varied: When the panel is touched with three or more fingers at the same time, the ceiling light switches on or off automatically, even if the panel is currently in standby mode. The integrated room temperature controller cleverly replaces the conventional control technique. Nice, when the electrical fitter can offer something outstanding. Here it is a subtle design as flush-mounted model with a mounting height of only 8 mm. Installed fast and, thanks to ABB-free@home®, intuitively programmed.

This product is available in different colours.

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Those who network their homes make their life easier: Blind, light, heating, air conditioning or door communication are easy to control and can be regulated to your personal requirements with ABB-free@home®.

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