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Product description

Square counterpart to the world’s smallest conference room

Toguna, the smallest conference room in the world from the successful PARCS furniture range, receives a square counterpart to the round original. Toguna Square is part of the expansion of the award-winning PARCS product family from the London design firm PearsonLloyd. Intelligent media equipment makes it a fully-fledged space for meetings, presentations and videoconferences.

Toguna Square is a half-open, four-sided construction that stands freely in an open space. The moment you enter the cube, you are right in the middle of the action. Acoustically screened, the Toguna Square is a conspiratorial space for meetings with small numbers of people, short meetings that require intense concentration, and brainstorming. With its orthogonal design, the Toguna Square is even more flexible than its round sister – it can be placed in multiple locations within a wider open space and can be adapted to linear office layouts. Add to this the enhanced technical features: Toguna Square has sufficient space for intelligent media integration and all the required electronic equipment. With the incorporation of an Idea Wall, the Toguna Square becomes a high-end presentation system. Screens and whiteboards support interaction.

Toguna Square – an addition to the PARCS series

Product family


A semi-open space-within-a-space element.

Its striking shape makes the Toguna a visual highlight in every office. The space-within-a-space element encourages movement and symbolises breaking with rigid structures. A round or squared, acoustically screened, half open space for brainstorming and short meetings – for sitting or standing.

The Toguna consists of three upholstered segments in leather or fabric covers. The floor is a two-part MDF board with optional cabling covered by a rug. An energy-saving ring bulb is optionally integrated into the ceiling.

Toguna & Toguna low
A space-within-a-space element, upholstered on the out- and inside comes with or without roof – the roof option includes lighting. The round Toguna is available in two sizes: Toguna high for communication while standing, Toguna low for meetings while sitting.

Ø 220cm
Height: 220 / 185cm

Toguna square
The orthogonal structure of the Toguna Square increases its flexibility. Thanks to its linear shaped walls, the Toguna Square offers room for intelligent media integration, with the option of using either analogue with integrated whiteboards or digital with screens – such as the PARCS Media Boards – or even the PARCS Idea Wall.

230 x 230cm
Height: 220 / 185cm

Toguna with roof has optional integrated lighting in the form of an energy saving ring light which can be controlled - depending on the model - using a radio controller (dimmable) or motion sensor.