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DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


As a leading international specialist in the design and furnishing of inspiring office and working environments, Bene has been dealing with these requirements for many years and developed custom-made solutions for different office concepts.


VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2017: 29.9. – 8.10.2017

Vienna Design Week


VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Austria’s largest design festival. After the 10th anniversary last year the festival now celebrates its 11th edition. VIENNA DESIGN WEEK defines design as an essential part of the cultural production. The festival shows that


The In-Betweeners: the rise of a new office-furniture ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


In the grand, teleological narrative of design, things are developed to make our lives increasingly better. New forms, materials and technological innovations are introduced, self-justifying, attended by a clarity of function and value. But what


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Megatrends in working environments



New horizons are opening up in the working environment: in technology, in management, in infrastructure. More and more, creativity, interaction and communication are becoming the central issues for successfully dealing with work tasks. The key is to


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