The German legal, tax consulting and auditing firm, founded around 30 years ago, today has 3,000 employees working across 80 locations in 40 countries and is one of the most internationally renowned companies in the sector. The Cologne branch is located in the 2,000m2 area on the 13th floor of Kranhaus 1. Through their office, Rödl & Partner are sending out a clear message in terms of their international corporate philosophy: People and quality are our focal point.

Rödl & Partner’s primary request for the office design was to create a place where employees could "work professionally and feel comfortable". Thus Bene began a comprehensive planning process and developed a concept that takes into consideration the needs of the people, activities and work processes, translating their requirements into contemporary space solutions.

Visitors to Rödl & Partner’s new offices are surprised by the structured use of open space; the many transparent views and the fresh colour concept. Instead of cellular office cubicles and closed doors, it is a workplace that features lots of open space. The company chose this interior concept for two reasons: Firstly the company places value on the importance of transparency; secondly its philosophy actively encourages communication and interdisciplinary team working. As such, departments that must often work together are not divided by walls. In fact it is quite the opposite. The openness encourages and accelerates communication and social exchange. The office layout motivates lone workers to become team players. It is much easier to exchange ideas and transfer knowledge.

At the same time though, people must be able to concentrate and work without interruption or distraction. Screening elements and sound-proofed partitioning offer effective, attractive solutions. Meetings can be held in rooms designed as glass cubes, which continue the theme of the transparent office. Flexible meeting rooms equipped with modern media technology cater for professional meetings with varied numbers of participants.

The variety of "free space" is also a particular feature of Rödl & Partner’s open space environment. Visitors are greeted at the friendly and open reception area and clients and employees are invited into the adjacent recreation zone. Loose furniture decorates the waiting area and the library is also used for short breaks and moments of inspiration.

At Rödl & Partner, the external effects are replicated internally too. The environment created by Bene offers both clients and employees a first-class place of work that has a direct impact upon the quality of the consulting service, the motivation of employees and each individual’s engagement with the firm. These offices foster innovation, injecting creativity and productivity into the services delivered to the Rödl & Partner’s clients.

Bene’s design concept makes visible analogies with the natural and architectural environment of the new office and the entire building complex of the Kranhaus. Curved shapes along the floor and lighting elements reference the waves in the river that runs past the windows. The colour concept includes a light green to reflect the corporate colours of Rödl & Partner whilst integrating the surrounding park landscape into the building’s interior. Pleasant blues and whites create a friendly ambiance and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Design team:

Architektur: Bothe Richter Teherani, Linster-Architekten

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