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Evidence of good taste: OWA



The award-winning Corpus acoustic element, created by star designer Hadi Teherani for OWA, enriches the interior design of a company's in-house catering project.

Master of the universal: HEWI

Norbert Philipp


With its systematic approach, German manufacturer HEWI creates universal, highly aesthetic hardware solutions, such as Hadi Teherani’s iconic Range 270 door handle.

Support group: Wagner's D1 swivel chairs

Katharina Schwarze


The D1 swivel chair family designed by Stefan Diez for WAGNER keeps users moving with its innovative joint mechanism, while fundamentally changing our conception of how office chairs look.

Design icons made in Germany: HEWI

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


The revolutionary System 111 lever handle from HEWI is 50 years old and the innovative manufacturer itself has been around for 90. Their longevity alone is reason to take a look at the brand's latest developments.

That Ceiling Feeling: OWA

Jasmin Jouhar


Naked concrete and exposed ventilating pipes are stylish, but an acoustic liability. The OWAconsult® collection by the German manufacturer OWA improves acoustics while upgrading the ambiance of the space.

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