»The new campus sets its emphasis by distinctly marking the focal point. In terms of form, the university’s central functions are organically linked – inspired by the flowing forms of the desert and the veil. In terms of function, the integrated, shade-providing outdoor spaces facilitate communication. In terms of emotion, the academic life in the neighbourhood of other large buildings devoted to culture and sport acquires an image reflecting the standard it has set for itself, one that is distinguishable the world over«
Hadi Teherani

Roof design
The special attraction and specific dynamics posed by the roofscape lie in its not remaining an element of the architecture but rather by infusing and shaping the urban space. The roofscape interfaces directly with the university landscape. As regards form, the open space with its paths and plazas interlinks with the architecture itself. At the same time, modifications of both the buildings and outdoor areas remain possible at all times.

Sustainable design
In a constructive sense, all possibilities were taken advantage of to realise the greatest climatological protection while deploying as little material as possible. This pertains to the buildings’ shape, their directional airflow and lighting, the shading elements outside the façades, and to the shadowing effect from the all-traversing roof. The landscape planning with its aqueous areas and myriad plantings is integrated into this concept. The technical utilisation of solar energy, whether centralised or decentralised, remains possible at all times.

Abu Dhabi as educational site
This university bears enormous cultural and political significance for the entire region. It’s even the first facility of its kind for both male and female students on one and the same grounds, albeit tentatively not fundamentally in the same rooms. The structure, an initial project by the Central District, embodies an emergence on the part of the United Arab Emirates that transcends borders and has attracted a great deal of international attention. Elite scholastic institutions such as the Sorbonne in Paris and New York University are accompanying this initiative at separate locations. As an enhancement to the hotels and international museums devoted to tourism, Zayed University embodies an educational offensive to provide for generations to come. A project for the future with the staying power to last. Yet it also deals with the development potential of this society, with new ideas and new products, and ultimately with the country’s status following the transition in policy regarding energy. Education plays a key role in the universal economic and social development of the United Arab Emirates. Which is why the U.A.E. have defined methods and strategies for the future evolution of the education-related infrastructure.

Design team:

Hadi Teherani