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'Design was crucial to our storytelling': how a ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


The design process revealed! Find out how a local architect and a creative hotelier, together with bathroom-fittings experts HEWI, fashioned a destination that's a shining example of how it's done.

The Esperanto of design languages: HEWI universal design

Norbert Philipp


HEWI creates bathrooms for every phase of life – in a design language that everyone can understand.

Open door policy: HEWI

Norbert Philipp


With its barrier-free System 900 sanitary-fittings line, HEWI abides by its long-standing belief that design should be accessible to everyone.

Master of the universal: HEWI

Norbert Philipp


With its systematic approach, German manufacturer HEWI creates universal, highly aesthetic hardware solutions, such as Hadi Teherani’s iconic Range 270 door handle.

Reach for the moon: HEWI

Norbert Philipp


In 1969, HEWI took an aesthetic leap forward, introducing the world to bold colours and pioneering materials via its System 111 door handle, now a design icon.

Access all areas: HEWI System 900

Katharina Schwarze


Premium German manufacturer HEWI has been setting standards in the area of barrier-free sanitary rooms for decades. Its System 900 masters the complex requirements of professional care without making any aesthetic compromises.

Design icons made in Germany: HEWI

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


The revolutionary System 111 lever handle from HEWI is 50 years old and the innovative manufacturer itself has been around for 90. Their longevity alone is reason to take a look at the brand's latest developments.

Architects’ top brands



The most popular manufacturers in the bathroom, bathroom fittings, bathroom floors and surface areas.

Architecture in Ascendance: innovative staircase design

Dominic Lutyens


Staircases are overdetermined things. A highly functional element in the internal circulation of a building, they are also laden with cultural and psychological symbolism. We may live in the age of the lift and escalator, but this hasn’t stopped

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Exclusive surface: HEWI Matt edition



Away from high-gloss towards soft look surfaces: matte is becoming the symbol of exclusiveness.

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