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    Yes We Can: debating the future of American design

    David Sokol


    A recent panel discussion at Washington DC’s International Design Festival got to grips with the somewhat provocative question, “What Happened to American Design?”, the implication being it doesn't enjoy the singular, coherent identity of other

    Quiet Musings: Michael Govan

    David Sokol


    A series of new architecture commissions and exhibitions suggests that museums might no longer be in the business of pageantry. In this third, and final, part of a series examining the notion of the post-spectacle museum, Architonic meets Michael

    Quiet Musings: Brad Cloepfil

    David Sokol


    A series of new architecture commissions and exhibitions suggests that museums are no longer in the business of pageantry. In this second part of a series examining post-spectacle museums, architect Brad Cloepfil talks about the phenomenon of

    Quiet Musings: Andres Lepik

    David Sokol


    A series of new architecture commissions and exhibitions suggests that museums might no longer be in the business of pageantry. In this first part of a short series examining post-spectacle museums, Museum of Modern Art contemporary architecture

    Over Site: how Caracas's new cable-car system is making ...

    David Sokol


    Once so disenfranchised that they didn't even appear on maps of the city, Caracas's favelas are, thanks to projects such as the technically and politically remarkable MetroCable transport system in San Agustín, acquiring a social legitimacy. Here,

    A Railroad Runs Through It

    David Sokol


    When Manhattan's High Line – a disused section of freight railtrack turned magical stretch of urban park – opened in 2009, New Yorkers took to the sky. But the innovative conversion of the former train corridor by James Corner Field Operations

    Sarasota Revisited: Architonic explores the architectural ...

    David Sokol


    The 'Sarasota School of Architecture' was coined as an historical term by architect Gene Leedy in the 1980s to describe the unique mid-century, European-Modernism-meets-Florida architecture of the city. Here, we examine how the physical legacy of

    'Form follows fear': in conversation with Roberto ...

    David Sokol


    Architonic talks to Miami-based artists Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt about the relation between art and architecture, and how public space has become more contested than ever.

    The Unlimited Ambition of Limited-Edition Design: in ...

    David Sokol


    Love it or hate it, limited-edition design has proved over the last few years that it's more than just a passing trend. No one event has done more to encourage the growth of this particular market than Design Miami. With its European edition, Design

    Pedestal Placement: Design PR

    David Sokol


    This column features public-relations agents who work with the design industries

    Peter Cook: On Lines and Shadows

    David Sokol


    Peter Cook is a Washington, DC–based principal of Davis Brody Bond Aedas

    Sara Sheth: Weaving Vision and Elbow Grease

    David Sokol


    In a post-Milan jaunt we meet Sara Sheth, an in-house designer for the textile manufacturer Maharam

    Garth Roberts: On His Own Terms

    David Sokol


    Garth Roberts runs his product design studio, garth, from Milan, Berlin, and (sometimes) New York

    Chris Redfern: Echoes of Ettore

    David Sokol


    In the second of our three-part intermission, we meet long-time Sottsass Associati principal designer Chris Redfern

    Unsung America - Bruce Fifield: Fanny-tastic

    David Sokol


    “The first two minutes of a person’s interaction with a chair are incredibly important to how a person judges that chair and compares it to other products on the marketplace.”

    Maine Journal: Outward Bound

    David Sokol


    Some parting thoughts about Maine, and the road trip to come

    Maine Journal

    David Sokol


    No design tour of Maine is complete without a stop in Portland. This tiny city is the largest in the state. Somehow, that’s emblematic: Despite all its efforts to be cosmopolitan, muscular coastline and forests are always nearby.

    Unsung America: Pop!Tech

    David Sokol


    Pop!Tech is a yearly conference held in Camden, Maine. Andrew Zolli will tell you, though, that it’s really a community of innovators whose ongoing dialogue just happens to culminate in the annual retreat.

    Unsung America - Maine Journal: Like Father, Not Like Son

    David Sokol


    David Moser is product development manager of Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers

    Maine Journal: Needles in Haystack

    David Sokol


    Stuart Kestenbaum is director of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

    Unsung America: Less Callous in Calais

    David Sokol


    The new land port of entry in Calais, Maine, is designed by Robert Siegel Architects