Professional technology – tastefully integrated into VE-L. VE-L boasts an elegant design. The different types of surface finishes available can be used to help determine the look of the care setting. The pleasantly elegant external appearance of VE-L/VE-L/V is enhanced by inconspicuously integrated functionality. Electrical and communications outlets remain concealed at first glance but are nevertheless easily accessible and user-friendly, and outlets for medical gases and the reading light merge seamlessly into the design of the basic system. In situations where the lighting in healthcare settings needs to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing treatment methods and care situations, VE-L/V comes into its own. Its well thought-out design enables unrestricted positioning of a reading light in the horizontal plane, thereby providing plenty of scope for creative lighting design. VE-L/V responds to changes in room layout quickly and without major effort. This also applies where bed needs to be placed apart from each other in order to provide space for additional equipment. The adjustable VE-L/V luminaires can be relocated, while the reading and examination lights remain in the ideal position just above the patients’ beds. The integrated indirect luminaire provides general lighting in conformity with relevant standards; reading and examination lights can be adjusted by changing the position of the reading light component.