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Zumtobel and Fraunhofer Institute Study

Ulrich Büttner


With a global user study on perceived lighting quality in offices, which the Austrian luminaire manufacturer Zumtobel is conducting together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) in Stuttgart, the company is making an

The Gold Standard: iF International Forum Design celebrates ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Three score old and in rude health: the iF design gold awards, handed out to a painstakingly selected, international cohort of companies at the recent Munich Creative Business Week for their outstanding products, is looking to the future.

Clear Vision: Zumtobel sheds light on the OperAlp/SALEWA ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


More often than not, office architecture can be, well, a little inward-looking. Shut out the outside world and focus staffers' attention on their building's interior spaces and you'll keep them focused on their work. Right? Wrong. The OperAlp/SALEWA

Going Underground: Zumtobel sheds light on the Städel ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Lighting always has to work harder when it's deployed in underground spaces. But when the space in question is a museum one, where the considered illumination of its exhibits is key – not to mention their protection against the potentially damaging

Light Headed: Euroluce 2011

Simon Keane-Cowell


Excuse me. Have you got a light? No? Well, maybe you should have visited this year's edition of Euroluce, the international lighting fair that rides pillion with the Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile. But not to worry. Architonic has made a

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RESCLITE PRO – smart emergency lighting

Zumtobel Lighting


The new RESCLITE PRO LED solution from Zumtobel adds an extra dimension to emergency lighting. This efficient emergency luminaire utilises new lenses to provide enhanced flexibility.

Cardan evolution: new cardanic accent lighting

Zumtobel Lighting


With its state-of-the-art LED technology and sophisticated design, the CARDAN evolution downlight from Zumtobel offers a new approach to cardanic accent lighting.

Zumtobel & Retail – Creating Light Creates Emotions

Zumtobel Lighting


Real shopping experiences are in sharp contrast to the anonymous, digital world of today. Light provides a harmonious connection between architecture, product and the individual. It creates emotions with a positive effect on the intention to

the editions – Zumtobel’s First Capsule Collection

Zumtobel Lighting


Zumtobel presents their first capsule collection consisting of five exclusive luminaires, which were originally developed and custom-made for special client projects and are now available to architects and light planners for creative and high-quality


Zumtobel Lighting


The new MELLOW LIGHT is far more than just an innovative LED luminaire. The sixth generation of this office lighting icon sets new standards when it comes to adapting lighting to suit the specific needs of users, drawing on extensive Zumtobel

Maximum effect from a minimalist lighting solution

Zumtobel Lighting


Zumtobel uses SUPERSYSTEM outdoor to support effective design and uniform illumination at the new Sägerbrücke bridge in Dornbirn.

Zumtobel - dim²save

Zumtobel Lighting


From raw materials right through to disposal. An eco-balance assesses the environmental impact of products throughout their entire life cycle.


Zumtobel Lighting


The Starbrick is an experiment with light modulation and space.

Licht spielt die erste Geige

Zumtobel Lighting


Am 17. Januar wurde in Kopenhagen das neue Konzertgebäude für Danish Radio eröffnet. Der Entwurf von Jean Nouvel vereinigt vier unterschiedlich grosse Konzertsäle in einem blau ummantelten Kubus, dessen Fassaden nachts als Projektionsflächen

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