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First base: corporate-headquarter design

Stefano Sabatino


The communication of corporate values and identity through architecture doesn’t need to be at the expense of employee comfort and wellbeing.

Newseum: cultural renovation projects

Peter Smisek


In the right hands, building-renewal projects help us tackle modern environmental issues while at the same time breathing new life into existing architectural spaces.

Flooring Design Week: Overtime!

Simon Keane-Cowell


Get some bonus flooring insights from Jan Parth of David Chipperfield Architects, Peter Ippolito from Ippolito Fleitz Group and MACH Architektur’s David Marquardt.

Flooring Design Week: David Chipperfield Architects

Simon Keane-Cowell


‘The installation of flooring on site is when the project becomes a real building,’ says Jan Parth of David Chipperfield Architects. Watch now for more insight and commentary!

Flooring Design Week: Professional Insights

Simon Keane-Cowell


Jan Parth from David Chipperfield Architects, Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz Group, and MACH Architektur's David Marquardt share some thoughts on the ground beneath our feet.

Museum piece: David Chipperfield Architects’ new Zurich ...

Alun Lennon


Like what you see? Jan Parth, project architect responsible for delivering David Chipperfield Architects’ latest cultural project, talks about the soft power of hard facades.

Skin in the game: geometric facades

Peter Smisek


Advances in software provide architects today with virtually unlimited possibilities for designing fantastical facades, but the deployment of simpler geometric forms can pack an equally powerful visual punch.

Art house: new cultural venues

Peter Smisek


Can we live without culture? Or is it simply a nice-to-have? The recent lockdown and its attendant closing of venues has demonstrated how critical it is to who we are as a society. And the extent to which architecture mediates it.

Making an exhibition of themselves: new museum projects

Peter Smisek


Museum architecture was built for showing off. Spectacular projects that exhibit themselves as much as the objects they house.

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