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WEBWEB is available in American walnut (solid and veneered), American cherry (solid and veneederd), oak, beech, maple solid, white (RAL 9016) and MDF anthracite (RAL 7016, open edges). The solid wood is finished with natural oils. Adjustable aluminium feet or wall mounted.

Using the same WEBWEB elements various shelves can be constructed: a floor to ceiling shelving, a sideboard, a stepped shelving and a room divider. Existing WEBWEB constructions can be easily changed or entented to suit new requirements.

WEBWEB is an intelligent endless shelving system. Backless and without the need for cross-bracing, the shelves are accessible from both sides. A floor-to-ceiling shelving system, dismantled into two stacks of pure material which can be transported in the boot of a small car - that is the essence of WEBWEB.

Using our planning software, your interior planner can develop and present individual solutions quikkly and efficiently. For the software WEBWEB.Planning please have a look on

WEBWEB is available in one depth (32cm) and two sizes: WEBWEB 35 (inside dimensions 35 x 35cm) and WEBWEB 60 (inside dimensions 35 x 60cm) that can be combined.

Material thickness solid wood, veneer and white: 23mm

Sliding Doors
The two glass plates sit in a frame of anodisied aluminium.
Safety glass 4mm, satinised, with finger-hole handle.
The frame is furnished with a double tracked plastic glide strip. Note: WEBWEB.Slide can not be combined next to WEBWEB doors.

Sideboardshelf, solid wood, l up to 240cm, Material thickness 22mm, d 32cm Special sizes available
For WEBWEB.35, double unit WEBWEB.35, WEBWEB.60

Glass Door
Safety glass 6mm, satinised, with finger-hole handle Available in two hights. For WEBWEB.35, double unit WEBWEB.35

Each set of drawers consists of an element with two single drawers suitable for one shelf. Fully extendable runners, integrated handle, Drawer set, solid wood or white, Interior solid hornbeam, pronged and finished. For WEBWEB.35, double unit WEBWEB.35, WEBWEB.60

Glass Shelf
Safety glass, thickness 8mm, including fixings, depth 30cm, for WEBWEB.35, double unit WEBWEB.35, WEBWEB.60

Stainless Steel Divider
The divider halves a WEBWEB unit and obviates the need for a mounted shelf. For WEBWEB.35, WEBWEB.60

Back Wall
Shelves back with double sided rubber lip Can be mounted without drilling or fixing Material thickness 18mm Beech, maple, oak, American cherry, American walnut veneer, in two coloured laminate (arctic blue - warmgrey) For WEBWEB.35, double unit WEBWEB.35, WEBWEB.60 eisblau, arctic blue