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Making waves: Zeitraum

Tanja Pabelick


Bavarian wood furniture expert Zeitraum’s Curtain table marks a departure from classic table archetypes, while also embracing the company’s trademark commitment to sustainability.

Pillars of the community: Zeitraum

Gerrit Terstiege


Zeitraum has been finding elegant solutions for sustainable design for more than three decades and was recently awarded the German Sustainability Award for Design 2020/2021.

Three legs good: Zeitraum

Gerrit Terstiege


With its African mask–inspired Kuyu table series for Zeitraum, designer duo Formstelle has succeeded in creating a symbiosis of simplicity and conciseness – which finds its place in a wide variety of designs in equally diverse environments.

Touching a nerve: Zeitraum

Gerrit Terstiege


In Zurich's SCNSI, the Swiss Clinical Neuro Sciences Institute, the Okito chair by Zeitraum demonstrates the effective influence of furnishing on the architectural context.

Architonic Story: ZEITRAUM



Go large! Bavarian furniture manufacturer ZEITRAUM’s new Okito Ply Dining chair features an extra-large backrest. Welcome to extra comfort and versatility.

Lean on me: Zeitraum



Don't be fooled by the refined appearance of ZEITRAUM’s new Okito Ply Dining chair – its large backrest makes it extremely comfortable too.

Total recline: Zeitraum

Brigitte Ulmer


ZEITRAUM turns your dreams of complete relaxation into a reality with the YOMA bed and Japanese-inspired ZENSO LOUNGE lounge chair.

Sitting pretty: ZEITRAUM

Brigitte Ulmer


ZEITRAUM accomplishes a lot in one sitting with their OKITO chairs, which, although made of solid wood, remain sustainable, lightweight and affordable.

Tell no lies: Zeitraum

Simon Keane-Cowell


Authenticity and sustainability can be read in the very grain of ZEITRAUM’s timeless, solid-wood-furniture collection.

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1.3 Balsa CHAIR – Furniture Design of the Year 2012



Kihyun Kim, Graduate of the Royal College of Art, lives and works in London. The 1.3 CHAIR was created at the RCA under the framework of his graduation project and was shown for the first time in July 2011 in the exhibition of graduate qualifying

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