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Elongated spiraling art-chandelier inspired by galaxies. Made from lasercut stainless steel frames, chrome plated or lacqured, solid brass components, ballchain in several optional finishes. Illuminated by 20W G4-Halogen electrical systems one with 12 suspended glass balls and another with 20 surface mounted lamps on the spiraling metal frame. Ideal for a linear space or over a long table.

Colour: Smoke
Lamp Type:
Electrical 1: 12 x G4-Halogen 12V 10 Watt lamps (120W) or LED
Electrical 2: 20 x G4-Halogen 12V 10 Watt lamps (240W) or LED

Shade size: 1600x600w x 700h mm / Total height: 1200mm
Packaging: 1760mm(w) x 800mm(l) x 390mm(h)

Class III
I/P Rating 52
Q/C Rating 21

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An sculptural illuminated art-form which is like a transparent cone shell. The inspiration behind this design is the spiraling forms found in nature both in microcosmic and cosmic scale, from sea shells to galaxies. It features three separate electrical systems, including an LED strip light. All of which can be controlled and dimmed separately giving the user a lot of control over how the sculpture appears.