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Geometric Storm - 1200x900
Geometric Storm
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South Africa
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >
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Product description

A Geometric Rectilinear Art-Chandelier. Made from lasercut stainless steel frames, chrome plated or lacquered solid brass components, ballchain in several optional nishes. Illuminated by LED strip- lights and by 18 surface mounted G4 Halogen/LED lamps.

Colour: Silver / Smoke
Lamp Type:
ElectrIcal 1: 18 x G4-Halogen 12V 10 Watt Lamps (180W) or LED
ElectrIcal 2: 11m LED strIplight Warm white (50W)
Shade size: 900x1200 x 1400h mm / Total height: 2270mm
Packaging: 1380mm(W) x 1080mm(L) x 430mm(H)

Class III
I/P Rating 52
Q/C Rating 21

Product family


The Geometric Storm is inspired by abstract art mainly cubism and layered landscapes. It evokes a highly geometricized landscape from an alternate abstract cubist reality. This version is a limited edition of 10 pieces and has a mixture of smoke and silver chain to create an interplay of shadow and light. It is illuminated by LED and G4 Halogen/LED systems