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This oversized version of our 'flower of life' chandelier was one of our most challenging projects to date. It weighs approximately 400kgs, is 2.7m in diameter and 6.5m in length. The Project was for a famous old hotel in Egypt on the nile with a view of the great pyramids. The story is fitting because the origens of the sacred geometry known as the 'flower of life' which is the inspiration behind this design, have some of their roots tied to the great pyramids.

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Willowlamp's original iconic award-winning design, based on the sacred geometry known as the `flower of life`. This is an Elegant and Intricate multiple leveled chandelier which is evocative of a Classic 1920`s style. This design has been covered by a UL rating for the USA and Canada. It is available as both a ceiling mounted or suspended model in three sizes.