TIMax LT sun protection insert for profiled glass is a thin translucent glass fibre insert, which is mounted on the inner side of the inner glass pane. TIMax LT is utilized exclusively in combination with the glass fibre material TIMax GL. TIMax LT improves the solar heat gain coefficient for solar radiation (g-value) of the profiled glass facade to 27%. With the use of TIMax LT additional external shading systems are not necessarily required in many cases.


- Improvement of solar heat gain coefficient (g-value) to 0,27
- optically even and fine fibered appearance
- improved light scattering properties

Applications for profiled glass facades with improved sun protection:
Office- and industrial buildings, as well as sports buildings, are in need of an effective sun protection, to maintain a pleasant room climate for the employees. Especially extensive profiled glass facades facing south or west benefit from the combined use of TIMax GL translucent insulation material and TIMax LT sun protection insert. TIMax LT improves light scattering and protects against blending, which is important for sport halls.