BAUX Acoustic Tiles Triangle

Wood panels from BAUX, Designed by Form Us With Love

Product description

580 mm x 580 mm / 25 mm thick
5.95 tiles per m²

290 mm x 290 mm / 25 mm thick
23.8 tiles per m²

Triangles are sturdy and have a natural strength which supports structures against lateral pressures. The BAUX Acoustic Triangle is a ‘right triangle’ where one of the angles is 90 degrees.
The BAUX Acoustic Triangle can be combined with The Parallelogram, The Square and the Rectangle into beautiful patterns, shapes, art, info graphics and more.


BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles

Wood wool is a functional, natural material.
BAUX Acoustic Tiles contain two of the world’s oldest building materials, wood and cement, united as cement-bound wood wool.

The combination is simple and ingenious. Wood fiber structures offer excellent insulation, retaining heat and absorbing sound. Cement, a proven and popular building material, is the binder that provides strength, moisture resistance and fire protection. BAUX Acoustic Tiles are versatile and durable in all climates.

• Sound absorption
• Thermal insulation
• Fire resistant
• Wet and dry rot resistant
• Freeze-thaw resistant
• Termite and vermin resistant

The BAUX Acoustic Tiles range meets the contemporary expectations of architects and designers with a canny combination of form and function. BAUX Acoustic Tiles can be combined to create remarkable structural patterns that rejuvenate residential, industrial or public spaces.
Designed by the renowned Swedish design studio, Form Us With Love, the BAUX Acoustic Tiles collection features six different geometrical shapes, available in two sizes and five color sets, offering over 240 creative variations. Let’s build!

The material structure of BAUX Acoustic Tiles reduces sound reflections, making it a great sound absorber. The material dampens noise and contributes to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces.

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is type approved as protective cladding with a class 1 coating.

BAUX Acoustic Tiles store ambient heat and releases it when the air temperature falls. This contributes to lower energy costs, a reduced environmental impact and a stable indoor climate.

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles even out air humidity by absorbing and emitting moisture into the air. This contributes to a pleasant indoor climate, good for both health and comfort. A high pH value discourages mold, and wood wool panelling does not rot.

BAUX Acoustic Tiles is an environmentally friendly building material made from spruce tree wool, clean water and cement.

SP (The Swedish Institute of Technical Research) has tested BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool for emissions and reported the results in protocol 90K 10102. The results show emissions of less than 11 μg / m² × h.

RNK in Borås and Sitac, have measured the particle attrition for 10-year-old wood wool boards at Tingsholmsgymnasiet in Ulricehamn (10/05/1995). The ceiling surface was “dust provoked” by a powerful jet of air. No measurable particle attrition was noted.

The Environmental Product Declaration, drawn up in accordance with the instructions from Byggsektorns Kretsloppsråd (the Construction Sector Ecocycle), may be ordered at
Manufacturer BAUX
Family BAUX Acoustic Tiles
Architonic ID 1258613
Year of Launch 2014

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