Atrium Ridgelight 5–25°

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Product description

Several rows of Rightlighs with flat inclination angle, which can be combined to form a large glass roof.

Suitable for:
• Flat roof
• Flat roof materials
• Large roof openings and atriums
• Installation inclination of the daylight system 5° with girder
• Optimal daylight yield


VELUX modular Longlight and Ridgelight solutions enable great daylight design in buildings with large, open atriums.
The modular skylights enable fast and intuitive design when multiple rows are simply put together to cover the atrium – big or small. Either classic, mono-pitched Longlights or self-supporting Ridgelight solutions 25-40° are suitable for this purpose. The largest spans can be achieved with Ridgelights at 5° with beams. The individual Longlights or Ridgelights are separated from each other by supporting beams, which also serve as drainage channels and maintenance paths.

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Part of the collection VELUX Modular Skylights.
Manufacturer VELUX Commercial
Family Atrium Longlight/Ridgelight Solutions
Architonic ID 20137230

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