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Eric Joray, inventor of the minimalist window in 1992 and founder of Vitrocsa®

The minimalist window

Uncluttered lines and maximum transparency.
Since 1992, Vitrocsa windows have been created by designers trained in the rigours of the watchmaking industry and devoted to a resolutely contemporary vision of space and aesthetics. Their philosophy is simple: less is more.

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An Open and Shut Case

Dominic Lutyens


Beyond their utilitarian function, windows and doors set up an emotional expectation on the part of visitors as to what they'll encounter within a building, while, at the same time, negotiating the relation that users inside have with the exterior


The windows of the world: new full-height glazing systems

Susanne Fritz


The panorama window allows you to the bring the beauty of nature into your home, while keeping extremes of weather firmly outside. The systems presented here by Architonic turn the architectural visions of the Modern Movement into a reality.


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