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Urban Balcony
Urbn Balcony
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Product description

The Urban Balcony design is young and fresh, interpreting urban living with new quality vision. It is a modular system whose versatility and modularity allow various modular creations, even on small city terraces, providing refined outdoor areas to be enjoyed all year round. An extra room in the open that can be organized as you wish thanks to its modular structure in fine highly durable iroko wood. It can be fixed to either the wall or ceiling and comes with a wide selection of white aluminium accessories.

Ladder in iroko with 10 rungs - W 37 D 4 H 265
Ladder in iroko for railings - W 37 D 4 H 117
Ladder in iroko with 10 rungs - W 53 D 4 H 265
Ladder in iroko for railings - W 53 D 4 H 117
Ladder in iroko with 10 rungs - W 69 D 4 H 265
Ladder in iroko for railings - W 69 D 4 H 117


Urbn Balcony is a great new product in the Unopiù range that brings a new perspective of quality
to urban living. It is a modular, versatile, customizable, flexible system which can create new
outdoor areas to be enjoyed all year round, even in small spaces like many city balconies. Private,
intimate areas to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor life even on an urban terrace, bringing that
special outdoor paradise to life.
Urban Balcony’s clean, young, fresh design has been created with any couple or family in mind:
creating the addition of a new “open air room” for unique moments of relaxation, work, free time
or meditation.
Thanks to the modularity and versatility of the accessories, your balcony can either be
transformed into a small green lung turning this into a green zone or an outdoor area to organize
and enhance in style.
The system is composed of a modular structure in iroko, an exclusive wood of undisputed quality,
perfect for outdoor use given its great durability. It can be fixed either to ceilings or walls
providing support for a series of accessories in white aluminium: flowerboxes, pots, cupboards,
shelves, worktops, clotheslines, screens and shades. Everything can be made to measure and
adapted to create an environment ideal for any requirement.
“The city lives and the public and private areas evolve. There is a transformation in the use of
areas and Urban Balcony understands this change by creating multiple new solutions of microfurnishings
for a better use of city balconies or small outdoor areas. Urban Balcony is a product
system, a configurator for modern terraces. Eating, reading, studying, working, hanging out
washing, looking after plants and flowers, relaxing: these are but a few of the things one can do in
this “renewed” space that, however small it might be, is of truly great value.” Meneghello
Paolelli Associates