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Solar Shower
Solar Shower
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Product description

A modern garden shower in polyethylene with mixer, foot shower, ample 250 mm showerhead and okumè shower tray. The solar collector (Hot Ball) can be placed near the shower or on the roof and is in solution dyed black coloured resin and aluminium (registered patent) with a 40 litre capacity. It is shockproof and limescale proof and for this reason requires no maintenance. The water can be heated either by solar power or electricity.

Solar shower in black resin - W 17 D 50 H 232
Hot ball (solar collector) - Ø 40 H 45
Structure: Resin in black - Aluminium


A new solar shower in solution dyed graphite black colored resin with mixer and 250 mm
diameter showerhead. A practical foot shower is also included plus a shower tray in okumè wood
with removable duckboard for inspection and cleaning. The solar collector (Hot Ball), whose
original design is reminiscent of a golf ball, is made in solution dyed resin and aluminium, has a
capacity of 40 litres and is very sturdy. Water can be heated by either the sun or electricity. The
innovative Hot Ball may be placed near the shower or on the roof: its registered patent resin is
highly shockproof and is fully protected chemically against limescale deposits, thus requiring no
maintenance at all. The structure is in HB solution dyed polyethylene with a height of 230cm.
Technical characteristics:
- Structure in solution dyed HB polyethylene
- Base in okumè wood
- Spherical heat collector in solution dyed resin, empty weight 11 kg. Contains up to 40
liters of water.