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Acoustic curtains
Acoustic Curtains By Texaa®
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Product description

Characteristics of Acoustic Curtains

• One or two layers of black, sound-absorbing felt wadding, 3 mm thick
• Sound-transparent Aeria fabric
on both sides

Acoustic performance
Absorption coefficient αw
• Curtain with a fullness of 1 (with no pleating):
αw = 0.40 (H), NRC = 0.40, Class D
• Curtain with a fullness of 2 (pleated curtain):
αw = 0.65 (H), NRC = 0.60, Class C

Please note: acoustic curtains are not insulating and their acoustic attenuation must be considered as zero.

European reaction to fire classification
• Double-sided curtain: B-s2, d0

Durability of the aeria fabric cover
• Run-resistant
• 330 g/m²
• Protection against soiling:
– Hydro/Oleophobic ≥ 5 (AATCC118 and AATCC193)
– Electrostatic properties 7 x 1010 Ω (EN 1149-1)

Vacuum cleaning, may be taken apart and refitted.

Environmental characteristics
• Texaa Curtains meet the requirements specified in the HQE, LEED and BREEAM (2 points) reference documents and methods, based on:
– their acoustic contribution
– their very low emissions of VOC and formaldehyde
• All Texaa products qualify for French “A+” health labelling and are classed as “conforming” after assessment using the German AgBB protocol

• The curtains may be joined together using the zips inserted into their side seams.
•The curtains are hung from a rail fitted with rollers for easy drawing.
• For more static applications, the curtains may be fitted with eyelets (diameter 40 mm).

Guarantee 10 years

Special solutions
Single-sided curtain

Product family


Texaa’s range of curtains can provide acoustic solutions for many architectural situations. These made-to-measure systems fit different dimensional requirements.
They contribute to the scenic quality of the space enabling the light levels of a room to be varied or to create visual partitions

Texaa Curtains are made of two lengths of sound-absorbing felt wadding with an Aeria cover. They can be zipped together with zippers that are sewn down their sides, making it possible to accommodate varying space dimensions.

Installed in front of glazed surfaces, curtains soften the light and sound ambience of a hall or meeting room

Used to surround sub-areas, although they have no insulating effect, Texaa Curtains enclose quiet areas that stimulate people to listen, for example in a media library or a story-telling space.

Inside the area enclosed by the sound-absorbing curtains the cosy atmosphere inspires peace and quiet.