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Abso acoustic cubes
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Product description

Characteristics of Abso Cubes

• Grey AP cellular foam
• Cover made of sound-transparent Aeria fabric
• Powder-coated steel hoop (if required)

Acoustic performance
Equivalent absorption area A (m²) at mid-range frequencies
• 380 Cube: 1.00 m²
• 500 Cube: 1.65 m²
• 750 Cube: 3.82 m²

Durability of the aeria fabric cover
• Run-resistant
• 330 g/m²
• Protection against soiling:
– Hydro/Oleophobic ≥ 5 (AATCC118 and AATCC193)
– Electrostatic properties 7 x 1010 Ω (EN 1149-1)

Reaction to fire classification
Complete product : C-s3, d0

Vacuum cleaning, may be taken apart and refitted, removable covers, machine washable.

Environmental characteristics
• Abso accessories meet the requirements specified in the HQE, LEED and BREEAM (2 points) reference documents and methods, based on:
– their acoustic contribution
– their very low emissions of VOC and formaldehyde
• All Texaa products qualify for French “A+” health labelling and are classed as “conforming” after assessment using the German AgBB protocol.

Guarantee 10 years

• Suspended from a corner: the Cube is suspended using a fabric loop and a galvanised steel cable (diameter 1.5 mm, length 1,000 mm), fitted with a threaded end-piece (M6) and an adjustable latch-eye hook.
• Suspended horizontally: the Cube is suspended using a powder-coated steel hoop and galvanised steel cables (diameter 1.5 mm, length 1,000 mm), fitted with a threaded end-piece (M6) and an adjustable latch-eye hook. Abso Cubes
380 x 380 x 380 mm
500 x 500 x 500 mm
750 x 750 x 750 mm

Product family


Abso Cubes are much lighter than they appear and are easily installed in space. They can be suspended, either by one corner or horizontally.

Their pure shape can be used to devise free combinations that are highly sound-absorbent.