The B1 is a very small square led fixture, using the latest led technology, in order to obtain a big performance.
The B1 is available as a version which generates 250lumen and even one version which generates 320lumen.
The B1 – 320lumen version uses ‘EASY WHITE’ for maximum color consistency.
The B1 is very installation friendly: it can be inserted into round cutouts.
B1 can be powder coated in black or white, and is available with LEDs in warm white and cold white.
The user can also choose between a wide or a narrow beam angle.
The simple beauty of B1, in combination with the unseen power of the LEDs, makes it a discrete but powerfull fixture.

Materials and finish:

Fixture is made in aluminium alloy with textured white powdercoat finish.
Reflectors: High reflective aluminium reflector

Installation and lamp replacement:

The unit is installed by means of two leaf springs for hollow or solid materials.

Technical data:

Cut-out: Round hole diameter 40mm
Installation height: 55 mm (incl. Terminal block holder)
Luminaire dimensions: 56X56mm
Weight: 0,2 kg
Adjustability: N/A

Electrical data:

Lamp type: BRIDGELUX (250lm) or CREE MCE (320lm)
Lamps: 1X3W or 1X4,5W
Lampholders: N/A
Control gear: not included
Input supply voltage: 350mA
Connector block: 2x2,5mm² with strain relief
Glow wire resistance: 960°C
IP rating: IP20