Pendant designfixture for T5 fluorescent tubes which combines high efficiency with excellent anti-glare. The fixture is made in colored polycarbonate which is equipped with an excellent reflector and dark louvre system.

The archimedes is available in glossy white & glossy black, colored in the mass
The fixture has an incorporated electronic gear.
Dimmable versions are also available with various dimprotocols

Material & Finish:

Housing: Injected moulded polycarbonate from coloured compound
Bracket: Galvanised Steel
Raster: Aluminium reflector, 99,9% reflective material


The fixtured can be easily installed on a ceiling by screwing 2 chromed plugs on the ceiling. Each chrome plug holds one steel cable to be connected with the fixture by 2 cable adjusters. In that way it is easy to install the archimedes at any desired height.
Bulbs can easily be replaced by removing 4 small lifters at the inside of the dark louvre system, so the dark louvre system can be removed and the bulbs can be replaced.

Technical data:

Luminaire dimensions: 1190X114X122mm
Weight: 1,1 kg

Electrical data:

Lamp type: T5 28/54W
Lamps: 2
Lampholders: G5
Control gear: Electronic HF gear
Input supply voltage: 230V-50Hz
Connector block: 2,5 mm²
Glow wire resistance: 960°C GWT
IP rating: IP20