Product description

B4 is a real bruiser; this LED fixture can replace a halogen lamp of up to 75w, in that way the B4 can also be used as
functional light.
TAL uses a patented technology, PORIFERA for optimized heat dissipation. This technology uses aluminium
foam to conduct heat from the LEDs. The foam has an extremely high surface aspect ratio and is
very compact. Moreover, TAL has developed its own PCB (printed circuit board) for the B4. The result is
an elegant LED device with a long operating lifetime warranty of 5 years.
The integrated focus rings allow you to adjust the light to suit your needs.
The B4 is very installation friendly: it can be inserted into round cutouts, or used trimless in a
B4 can be powder coated in black or white, and is available with LEDs in warm white and cold white.
The user can also choose between a wide or a narrow beam angle.
The simple beauty of B4, in combination with the unseen power of the LEDs, makes it a unique fixture; a
precursor which heralds the beginning of a new generation of LED instruments.

Product variants


Materials and finish:

Fixture is made in aluminium alloy with textured white powdercoat finish.
Reflectors: High reflective aluminium reflectors

Installation and lamp replacement:

The unit is installed by means of two leaf springs or 2 torsion springs for hollow or solid materials.

Technical data:

Cut-out: Round hole diameter 95mm
Installation height: 105 mm (incl. Terminal block holder)
Luminaire dimensions: 110X110 mm
Weight: 0,5 kg
Adjustability: N/A

Electrical data:

Lamp type: Powerled CREE
Lamps: 4X3W
Lampholders: N/A
Control gear: not included
Input supply voltage: 350-700mA
Connector block: 2x2,5mm² with strain relief
Glow wire resistance: 960°C
IP rating: IP20