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SP200 staircase system
SP200 staircase system
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Aluminium profile technology is used in creating Steelpro’s own staircase system SP200. The staircase was originally developed as a tool for architects and construction companies, so that public and private construction staircase solutions could be achieved stylishly and effortlessly.

SP200 has also grown in popularity among private builders, due to the system’s stylishness and effortless installation.

Installation challenges have been taken into account in the production of these staircases. All stages requiring accuracy or specialized tools are performed at the factory in production facilities. All that remains for the worksite is the minimum required: bolting together of prefabricated parts, and installation of glass panels.
One big difference comparing to other stair products is the step profile.
Our aluminium step profile is U shaped and 30mm deep, this means that almost any material is possible to use as a final step surface.

All parts of the product are manufactured from aluminium by extrusion. This guarantees high quality of parts, and the cleanness of joint seams. The staircase stringers have space for vertical-post-free glass railings, which allows the usage of glass railings on both or just one side of the staircase.

Please see our installation video and observe the concept in action.