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VELUX CABRIO roof balcony GDL
Roof balcony
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Solution benefits: VELUX CABRIO® , GDL, is a roof balcony consisting of an upper and a lower section. The innovative balcony opens in seconds to connect with the outside and make the room seem more spacious with lots of daylight and fresh air.
Click-on exterior covers provide a high-quality external appearance and reduce the risk of water penetration.
Roof pitch: 35-53°

Interior design: Comes with a choice of white-painted surface to match most contemporary interiors or clear-lacquered surface for a natural wood atmosphere. A premium ventilation flap along the top sash which allows fresh air to enter when the window is closed.

Materials: The frames and sashes are made of high-quality laminated pinewood coated with impregnation and layers of water-based acrylic clear lacquer or white paint.

Operation: The upper section is top-hung and can remain open in any position up to an angle of 45°. The window is operated from a handle on the bottom of the sash.The lower section is bottom-hung and operated with two handles on the top of the sash.
When the upper section is opened, the lower section can be pushed outwards to the vertical position.
As the lower section opens, integrated bannister railings automatically slide into position.

Accessories to optimise indoor climate and comfort: A wide range of electric or solar-powered accessories available to prevent over-heating or glare and offer privacy.