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Glass parapet | SL Modular non-insulated
Glass parapet
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Similar to the insulated version, the non-insulated SL Modular also connects the balcony balustrade with the glazing
to form one unit. All static elements, from the surrounding
frame to the balustrade, are prefabricated as a system combination at the factory. The on-site assembly of the modules
and the glass elements can therefore be completed quickly
and without bothering the residents. Even elements up to a
width of six metres are delivered as a unit and mounted by
crane installation in a time-saving and precise manner.

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The glass balustrades from Solarlux meet the requirements of modern, lightweight and, above all, transparent facade design. glass balcony balustrades are safe and always great to look at, low-wear and easy to clean. In combination with a sliding system or slide-and-turn system, it is possible to achieve a uniform and consistent facade appearance – without foregoing the advantages of a fully usable balcony that is protected from all types of weather.