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The residential complex with 55 residential units is made up of three buildings, arranged around a green inner courtyard. This is sealed off from the heavily frequented Bonner Strasse and Clara-Schumann-Strasse by a closed structure, so that it can be enjoyed as an oasis of calm by residents. The west and south sides face the busy roads. To improve the sound insulation and provide increased quality of living, generously glazed recessed balconies were placed in front of the living spaces and special sound insulation measures taken. The client opted to glaze 17 balconies with the non-insulated SL Modular balustrade and the frameless SL 25 slide-and-turn system from Solarlux. When closed, the system reduces noise levels by 21 decibels. Residents are protected from the exhaust gases and noise of the traffic and can enjoy the bright, transparent interior.

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The glass balustrades from Solarlux meet the requirements of modern, lightweight and, above all, transparent facade design. glass balcony balustrades are safe and always great to look at, low-wear and easy to clean. In combination with a sliding system or slide-and-turn system, it is possible to achieve a uniform and consistent facade appearance – without foregoing the advantages of a fully usable balcony that is protected from all types of weather.