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Art-Decors Lite | Silver
Art-Decors Lite
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Product description

Art Decors Lite make innovative and modern all coverings in metal- or concrecte look:

Art Decors Lite in metal look are thin stoneveneers with a metal finish.
Art Decors Lite in concrete look imitate concrete surfaces but consist of a fiberglass-resin-composite.

Their very low weight, thinness and easy handling without any special tools or under constructions make them a perfect fit for renovations.

every Sheet is unqiue , has a thickness of approximately 1,5-2,5mm thin and flexible.

Applications for Artdecors Lite:

■ Wallcoverings aller Art im Innenbereich
■ Interior Design
■ Furniture

Keyfacts for Artdecors Lite:

■ Thickness: ca. 1,5 - 2,5 mm
■ Unqiue Surfacestructure for every sheet
■ Material Metal-Finish: Stoneveneer with metal finish
■ Material Concrete-Finish: Fiberglass-resin-composite

Available Sizes:

■ 1.220 x 610 mm
■ 2.400 x 1.200 mm

Product family


Artdecors Lite: Surfaces with metal finish or concrete optic

The Artdecors with metalic finish are extremely thin stone veneers with a final coat of metal pigmented paint.
The Artdecors in concrete lok are a combination of fiberglass and colored resin on the front.
In addition to the low oberall weight, you benefit from the simple processing and flexibility of the material in both versions.
Our Artdecors are suitable for a wide range of indoor applications such as modern wall design and unusual furniture construction.