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La Literal Studio Folding Bunkbed
La Literal Studio Folding Bunkbed
Sellex >
Alberto Lievore >, Jeannette Altherr >, Lievore Altherr Molina >, Manel Molina >
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Bedroom furniture-Wall beds >
Bedroom furniture-Wall beds >


Folding bunkbed, double or single, fixed to the wall, suitable for Students residences, hospitals, hotels. This programme meets with a solution when the lack of space can be a problem.

Metal frame made of profiles for wall fixing, semi-oval section 60 x 40 x 2 mm and bed frame of rectangular section 50 x 35 x 2 mm, with individual ladder (included in price). Finishes: epoxy coating in grey silver or beige colours.
Front/mattress support, in Bunk bed, Bunk bed studio and Bed, chipboard 19 mm thick with simulated beech melamine, or white, pumpkin and red colours.
Side covers, plywood board in beech 6 mm thick, natural or wood stained Sellex and white. Adaptable to above compared beds or bunk beds.
Should not be mounted on Pladur or similar.
Cidemco Certificate for public use. Standard UNE 1129 and en 747.