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Lönneberga MDF stacking bed
Lönneberga Stacking Bed
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Product description

In addition to "Lönneberga" for consistent, very comfortable every day use, we offer a "guest bed version", "Lönneberga MDF". Considerably lower priced, it enables a good sleep for some nights. Simple slats, polyfoam mattress, MDF white melamine finish, visible MDF edges, "Lönneberg MDF" offers a good guest room solution.

Bed sack "Alfred" for both "Lönneberga" and "Lönneberga MDF". This is the end of the old fashioned wooden trunk to store quilts. Now you store everything with "Alfred" and use him as back or arm rest. On the bed or on the floor, "Alfred" serves as a practical individual item.

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The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: a sofa used as a bed or vice versa. In no time, the stacked beds are turned into two beds next to each other. Used as single beds or as a fully-fledged double bed without that pesky gap in the middle as the mattresses are flush when placed next to each other. A versatile piece of furniture, space-saving and comfy.

›Lönneberga‹ is also available with an additional divan drawer that offers a lot of storage space and can be stacked too.

›Lönneberga MDF – This is how you make your guests happy: The multi-functional stackable bed made from melamine-coated MDF for guests and spontaneous sleepovers with simple roll-out slats and polyfoam mattress.