Product description

Light ceiling Unique Zurich airport

The airport shopping concourse at the airport covers a surface area of 300 m2. With this light ceiling, the look of a real sky can be simulated through innovative optical variations.

Product family


Fabric & Light
Modular construction and assembly concepts for textile surfaces having light and acoustic absorption properties.

Its patented unobtrusive frame makes this an attractive element for use in providing improved quality of artificial and natural lighting and also has acoustic properties. New design preferences for using illuminated textile surfaces open up a wide range of innovative applications for architects, lighting and general interior designers. Shortcomings of other factors – for example, poor functionality or climatic deficiencies – can be compensated for by well-designed lighting and sound ambiences.

The thinnest of joint-lines and an elliptically-shaped rigid profile are available for virtually shadow-free, uniform light distribution. The durable wrinkle-free stretched-membrane modules and 2-ply foil are dustproof and also act as sound absorbers.

Adjustable, highly translucent ceiling and wall units, lamps and ceiling panels.
Acoustic ceilings, diverse membrane structures and facade concepts.