Climacustic is made of a sound-absorption panel joint to a radiant plate in which circulates a fluid by means of a heat sealing. The resulting radiant system guarantees a high yield with low consumption both for heating and cooling, with limited inertia. It takes also advantage of the sound-absorption features resulting from the expertise of the company in the field of architectural acoustics. From the technical point of view, the temperature of the radiant plates is controlled by circulating inside of it of a thermal carrier fluid at a temperature which is slightly different from the one of the surrounding environment.

It can be easily installed (by means of the typical systems for ceilings and walls) thanks also to the modular system (60x60 or 120x60); the single elements can be inspected for non-invasive interventions of maintenance in case of need and does not require any maintenance or filter replacement. The air cleanliness is guaranteed by the absence of convective motions noises and draughts. Moreover heat stratification and thermic inertia are significantly reduced together with an energy consumption reduction of about 40%. Climacustic can be customized with special kinds of drillings or millings according to the sound-absorption level needed.

Compared to the traditional air-conditioning systems, the advantage of Climacustic is that it can be used also for sound-absorption purposes with a double comfort, besides improving the level of well-being thanks to the even temperature in the environment and to the almost total absence of heat stratification. The realization of this innovative system has been possible thanks to the co-operation with CGA of Cividale del Friuli, a leading company in the field of high efficiency aluminium evaporators for refrigeration and radiant exchangers for air-conditioning.