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Characteristics of the Strato ceiling
The Strato ceiling is created by combining two components: absorber panels and breathing panels.


• Metal frame made of rust-proof steel
• White AF1 felt
• Grey or black microporous cloth cladding
• Removable cover made of sound- transparent, Maille Ronde (MR)

Aeria fabric
Acoustic performance
Absorption coefficient
αw = 1, NRC = 1, class A

European reaction to fire classification
Complete product B-s2, d0

Available option
Recesses for integrated light fittings, loudspeakers, etc.


• Metal frame made of rust-proof steel
• Removable cover made of sound-transparent, Grande Maille Ronde (GMR) Aeria fabric

Acoustic performance
Absorption coefficient
αw = 0.15, NRC = 0.15, class E

European reaction to fire classification
Complete product B-s1, d0

Available option
Breathing panels suspended singly from 4 cables

Light transmission
Granit colour:
• 52% for a spotlight located between 50 and 1,600 mm from the panel
• 55% for a light panel located between 50 and 1,600 mm from the panel.
Nacre colour:
• 52% for a spotlight located between 50 and 1,600 mm from the panel
• 86% for a light panel located 50 mm from the panel and 65% for a light panel located 1,600 mm from the panel.

• Air permeability (ISO 9237): 6,596 l/m²/s
• Porosity: 54%


Durability of the aeria fabric cover
• Run-resistant
• 330 g/m² (absorber panel),
190 g/m² (breathing panel)
• Protection against soiling:
– Hydro/Oleophobic ≥ 5 (AATCC118 and AATCC193)
– Electrostatic properties 7 x 1010 Ω (EN 1149-1)

Vacuum cleaning, may be taken apart and refitted, removable covers, (absorber panels only), machine-washable.

Environmental characteristics
• Strato ceiling meets the requirements specified in the HQE, LEED and BREEAM (4 points) reference documents and methods, based on:
– their acoustic contribution
– the provision of certified EPDs(EN 15804)
– their very low emissions of VOC and formaldehyde
• All Texaa products qualify for French “A+” health labelling and are classed as “conforming” after assessment using the German AgBB protocol

Guarantee 10 years

Common options
• Access hatch
• Variable dimensions: widths from 300 to 1,200 mm and lengths from 600 to 2,400 mm. Please contact us for larger sizes.

Each panel is suspended from the ceiling by means of galvanized steel vertical cables (diameter 1.5 mm, length 1,000 mm), each equipped with a threaded end-piece (M6) and an adjustable latch-eye hook. The panels are assembled using linking brackets.


Suspended on cables

Suspended from vertical cables and connected together


Various services may be concealed above the ceiling without impairing their effectiveness. As required, any panel (breathing or absorber) can be used as a hatch, offering easy access to the technical services space. These invisible access hatches fit seamlessly into the overall design of the ceiling.

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The Strato breathing ceiling is a result of Texaa’s expertise in applying its run-resistant fabric to architecture.

It enables a really architectural approach to designing ceilings. It gives both freedom and the necessary technical characteristics, by combining absorber or breathing panels that are continuous or in clusters, to achieve the sought after look and performance.

The Aeria knit gives the ceiling a warm grain, making it light, robust and easy to install and maintain.

The Strato breathing ceiling consists of two complementary components that can be combined in varying proportions to suit designers’ needs and ambitions.

Absorber panels are designed to correct sound reverberation by applying the principles of optimal effectiveness developed by Texaa wth its Stereo panels.

Breathing panels, covered with an Aeria large knit fabric, partially mask the technical services space above it without hiding it completely. They filter the light from a source positioned behind, allow conditioned air to circulate and present no barrier for the radiation of heat in the building. They lose transparency as you move away from underneath them.

Each panel is supported by a rust-protected metallic frame that is suspended from the roof on ordinary vertical cables.

With this system that connects the panels ensuring they are perfectly flat, it is easy to build continuous clusters or elegantly suspended islands.

Strato is totally free of the walls and has none of the usual constraints of a stretch-fitted ceiling or modular tiles mounted on a grid, because it does not have to be installed from wall to wall.

With Strato, architects have much more freedom to handle the complex constraints involved in designing ceilings for spaces.

Strato is also a technical ceiling offering many ways to accommodate the building’s technical functions – lighting, air circulation, sound, video, smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc. – and to make them visible or invisible.

Depending on requirements, any breathing or absorber panel in a Strato ceiling can become an invisible hatch without changing the ceiling’s appearance, but giving easy access to the technical space above. The hatch is opened using a very discrete latch.


Breathing Ceiling Strato

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