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In resolving the union between the pavement and the tree, Antoni Roselló has transferred a work by Piet Mondrian to the urban landscape. The Mondrian tree grid presents discontinuous perforations that establish a hidden geometrical pattern on a metal plate. Piet Mondrian, the Dutch painter of architectonic designs, discovered cubism in Paris and this led him to express the rhythm and structure underlying objects, marking his particular conception of balance and harmony based on rectangular shapes.

Antoni Roselló has transferred a geometry inspired in the art of Mondrian to a totally different setting, the tree grid surrounding a tree, with the intention of dignifying an underestimated element and make our sidewalks places for artistic expression. The choice of materials responds to specific characteristics that make these elements long-lasting and dote them with ageing properties that accentuate their expressiveness. The element fulfills the function of protecting citizens from the gap around the tree and delimits, while at the same time enhancing, the area between the tree and the urban pavement.

The artistic value of this tree grid, between an urban object and a sculpture, is due to the combination of disciplines dominated by its creator, a homage to the outlook of art.

The tree grid is composed of two or four equal pieces of sandblasted cast iron without any later treatment.
The tree grid measures 148 x 148 cm and 98 x 98 cm.
It is delivered disassembled.
Assembly instructions are included.
Hot galvanised steel frame.
No maintenance required.
Weights 98 x 98 cm / 148 x 148: 85 kg / 204 kg.