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La Colilla | Pendant Lamp
La Colilla
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Carles Riart >
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Suspended lights-Linear lights >
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Suspended lights-Linear lights >
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Product description

Technical information:
Methacrylate diffuser tube.
Plug without switch.
Electric cable length: 4 m / 157.5"
Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lb
Light source included:
Neon bulbs strip: 6 W (USA Market: 3W)


Certain presences can be felt as dusk falls: the stars in the sky, the fireflies of the night or the embers of the fireplace, as the sun goes down. Indeed, this lamp, conceived as an accompanying light, is ideal for music, conversation or love. Wherever the night falls, La Colilla has a home.

It comprises a translucent, two-metre-long, lightly patterned tube that serves as the shade for an array of small neon bulbs. Its power usage is virtually nil (less than 1 watt) and it has an extensive service life, so much so that it comes without a switch so it may be left on around the clock. Hanging from a delicate, resistant thread it appears to be floating in thin air. It has a variety of uses: in bedrooms or lounges, a pilot light for the landing, staircase or porch, and even as calming guardian of children’s dreams.

Designed by Carles Riart in 1976, haphazardly produced and distributed by Gabriel Ordeig Cole from his first venture Comercial Estelar, La Colilla was Santa & Cole’s first edited product back in 1985.