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Cirio Circular | Pendant Lamp
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Product description

“The origins of this family stem from the large conventional lamps for indoor public settings. My early inspiration appears to have been in Istanbul in the great Hagia Sophia.” – Antoni Arola
This system was designed with a view to using LED technology to create non-aggressive lighting for large spaces, inspired by the great lamps of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia mosque. The polyvalent structure allows for circles with differing diameters to produce a range of formats. When combined, these circles create a rich play on composition.

Its design easily accommodates changing the shade to create different ambiences and arrangements from Sargadelos porcelain (lighting up with the warmth of an altar candle) to translucent opal glass or the opaque grace of brass.

Technical information:
3 lampshade options: white porcelain, white opal glass and polished brass.
Black aluminium circular structure.
Capsule with LED module, translucent white diffuser and heat sink with black matte finish.
White porcelain
2 options of adjustable black metallic ceiling plate with built-in equipment: circular (CE Market): regulation DALI / DSI / SWITCH DIM, or rectangular*: regulation 1-10V / DALI. External dimmer switch not included.
Suitable for Junction Box (UL market).
Electric cable length: 5 m / 196.8"

Cirio Circular S
ø 130 cm / 51.1” for 12 lampshades.
Weight (with porcelain lampshade): 13 Kg / 28.6 lb
Light sources : 12

Cirio Circular M
ø 300 cm / 118.1" for 28 lampshades.
Weight (with porcelain lampshade): 33 Kg / 72.8 lb
Light sources : 28

Cirio Circular L
ø 520 cm / 204.7” for 42 lampshades.
Weight (with porcelain lampshade): 47 Kg / 103.5 lb
Light sources : 42
Light sources included (dimmable):
Built-in LED: 3,7 W
Built-in LED (rectangular ceiling plate): 7,7 W

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