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This homage to the fauve painter, Matisse, is a solution to the join the tree and the road. It protects the public from the hollow caused by the tree and brings art subtly to the city.

The city needs works of art in the street. Through this series of pictorial free grids by Antoni Roselló, art is manifest in the street without disturbing the public in any way. It is instead a discrete unit which provides continuity between the road and the tree and adds to the organisation of the urban surroundings. The complete series of tree grids is suitable for promenades, squares and avenues and turns these areas into vivid, living galleries and museums while maintaining their usefulness.

Fauvism, which flourished in France between 1898 and 1908, used pure and striking colours which aggressively applied paint directly from the tubes to create an explosive feeling on the canvas. Henri Matisse, the leader of the fauve group, rejected the representation of three-dimensional space and sought a new pictorial space defined by the movement of colour. His works are governed by an intuitive sense of formal order.

Antoni Roselló transferred a shape from Henri Matisse's art to the metal sheet of the tree grid. The unit fulfills the function of protecting the public from the hollow made by the tree and marking out the limit between the tree and the road while also complementing it. The materials chosen are of a long-lasting nature and on ageing their expressiveness is further highlighted.

The tree grid consists of two or four equal pieces of sandblasted cast iron without any later treatment. The tree grid measures 148 x 148 cm and 98 x 98 cm. It is delivered disassembled. Assembly instructions are included. Hot galvanised steel frame. No maintenance required.

98 x 98 cm / 148 x 148 cm: 70 kg / 162 kg.