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Fibra window frames – thresholds
Fibra window frames – thresholds
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Thanks to its thermal break, typical of composite materials, FIBRA is broadly applied in the green energy sector, an area of increasing interest which shows that building industry, energy an economic savings may support each other.
Thanks to its insulating structure, because of composite material of which it is composed, and to its thermal break, FIBRA is used as thresholds for sliding doors and structural parts of doors and windows frames.
The value of thermal conductivity λ of fibreglass profiles is equivalent to 0,25 – 0,29 W/mK. This makes possible the production of smaller structural profiles with low thermal transmittance compared to aluminum profiles.
Furthermore, FIBRA profiles are weather resistant and maintenance free.
The design of these composite materials is made easy without the need for polyamide inserts. The final profile turns out to be more competitive and energy saving.