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Naturally cool

Alyn Griffiths


The need to minimise energy consumption affects many aspects of architecture, and designs that employ traditional or cutting-edge shading devices and ventilation methods are at the forefront of reducing our reliance on air conditioning. Architonic

Architecture in Ascendance: innovative staircase design

Dominic Lutyens


Staircases are overdetermined things. A highly functional element in the internal circulation of a building, they are also laden with cultural and psychological symbolism. We may live in the age of the lift and escalator, but this hasn’t stopped

Concrete in Architecture (2): not really grey

Susanne Fritz


In the second part of our 'Concrete in Architecture' series, Architonic shows how concrete certainly doesn't have to be grey. From delicate tones to high luminosity, it can take on a wide range of chromatic and emotional complexions. In the following

Concrete in Architecture (1): a material both stigmatised ...

Susanne Fritz


Almost no other material manages to carry such contradictory associations. Stigmatised on the one hand, celebrated on the other, it evokes highly diverse reactions. The word 'concrete' was used for the first time in 1750 by Bernard Forêst de

Own Goal: Who's really paying the price for South ...

Tim Abrahams


All sporting eyes are on South Africa as the World Cup kicks off. But what kind of architectural legacy will the event leave behind and, perhaps more importantly, what will be its economic one?

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Skin to Skin: 10 years of Rieder's fibreC

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


In architectural terms, given the time it takes to complete a large-scale project, ten years isn't that long. All the more remarkable therefore that Austrian manufacturer Rieder's innovative wonder material fibreC – fabricated from concrete and

Hightech-Fassade am Stadion



Nur mehr 80 Tage: Fassadenmontage am WM-Stadion in Johannesburg geht in die Endrunde




Two weeks ago 'Betonwerk Rieder' celebrated its fifty years of existence as a company with an out-of-the-ordinary party in the Maishofen auction hall. 'RollingStone'.

Architectural Bridge Building for the Expo 2008



The British star architect Zaha Hadid has chosen glass fibre reinforced concrete from the Austrian company Rieder to envelope the 275 meters long „Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion“, the new symbol of the Expo 2008 in the northern Spanish Zaragoza.

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