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Fibra pedestrian walkways
Fibra pedestrian walkways
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Innovative materials make architectural special effects that applied to simple elements, such as pedestrian walkways can produce amazing design results.
The translucent effect of FIBRA breaks down the material, turning floorings and handrails into real suspended lamps, while maintaining their primary function.
The play with FIBRA colours makes it possible to obtain manufactured products in RAL colours in direct extrusion, without the need for painting or subsequent surface treatments, with big cost savings.
FIBRA is considered an ultra-light material weighing 5 times less than steel.
This property allows a totally new use. For example, it is possible to transfer walkways with helicopters or road transport vehicles; something unthinkable for steel.
Thanks to the extreme resistance of FIBRA in the outdoor, there are no maintenance costs and this topic becomes of primary importance for Public Administration or Emergency Units. It is possible to put back the manufactured products and use them when necessary, remaining unchanged and perfectly suitable for use even after long time.

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